Step into a profound journey of self-discovery and inner strength with Lucie, a multi-dimensional guide, Soul Whispering Shaman, and intuitive business expert. Drawing from a diverse background that spans from empowerment photography to holistic mentoring, Lucie offers a unique fusion of spiritual insight, somatic healing, and intuitive wisdom.

With a deep-seated understanding of how past wounds can shape personal growth, Lucie provides a nurturing sanctuary for individuals to gently explore and liberate emotional or energetic blockages. This sacred space serves as a catalyst for profound transformation, as she guides you through the intricate terrain of your inner world.

In Lucie’s realm, authenticity is cherished, inner power is reclaimed, and truest expression is not only encouraged but celebrated. Through a blend of intuitive guidance and somatic practices, she empowers you to unlock the dormant potential within. It’s an invitation to not only heal, but to thrive, as you embark on a path towards self-realization and profound empowerment.

Discover the profound impact of aligning mind, body, and soul under Lucie’s nurturing guidance. Together, you’ll traverse the depths of your being, emerging stronger, more radiant, and firmly rooted in your authentic self. This is an invitation to not only transform but to flourish; to not only heal, but to soar

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Embodiment: Where you get to experience your body as a masterpiece & a work in progress

―Lucie Al

I believe that everyone has the innate capacity to…

Tap into their inner strength and unlock their true potential,

Embrace their authentic selves and express their unique gifts,

Navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace,

Achieve a deep sense of harmony between their soul and business goals,

Forge a path to self-discovery, healing, and lasting transformation.

After nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience, I’ve navigated the ebbs and flows that come with building a business. From moments of uncertainty to days of feeling unstoppable, I understand the profound shifts that ownership entails.

Throughout this journey, I’ve honed my skills and crafted a ‘wholistic’ approach rooted in somatic healing, spiritual guidance, and in-powerment practices. This transformative journey is about delving into the threads of your truest expression and inner power.

Now, I’m here to share a valuable insight: the power lies within you. You possess all the answers! My role is to guide you in rediscovering your true essence.

Together, we’ll embark on this profound journey, weaving through the threads of somatic healing, spiritual guidance, and in-powerment practices. Drawing from my own evolving path, I’ll hold you to cultivate a business and life that resonate with your deepest desires.

Around and within you, there’s an extraordinary energy waiting to be unlocked, propelling you toward an elevated version of yourself.

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The trick to life is to have the courage to walk down the path that’s lit up in your Heart.