I’m Lucie, multi-passionate boss mama of twins with 3 under 4yo, Business Coach for women and your biggest supporter to break generational money wounds and become the first woman-made millionaire in your family! Ouuuhh big words!

I’m on a life mission to support & empower soaring women like you to rise to their full potential & create purpose-driven EMPIRES that shake the current world.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur ready to reach your seven-figure, or just at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, I am so excited to have you here!!

I’ll be alongside you to help you scale a wildly wealthy business, tap into your intuition, refine your values, pleasure-led your life and business to the wealthiest and highest version of you!

Are you ready to collapsing time & let wealth pour all over you?

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Claiming your business EMPIRE & BECOME wealthy is your birth right!

―Lucie Al

I believe all female entrepreneurs should be able to :

Lead their business in their own Terms,

Achieve anything their Heart & Soul lead them to,

Set systems & strategy to expand their Empire,

Hear their higher calling, activate it & Make it their Reality.

After 7 years in business, I’ve been through a lot. The bumps on the road, the days I felt lost, those I felt so powerful I could’ve moved mountains. The personal growth, the profound transformation that comes from owning a business, all those things that shake you from your feet up.

I went through it. I flourished under the sun and rain of entrepreneurial life. I’ve learned the lessons, I created my physical and mental path to success.

In the last 3 years, I multiplied my revenues by 10.

Amid the pandemic, pregnant, then mama of a toddler and twin babies.

How did I do it? Well… there is a magic secret. You have all the answers!

And I am here as a guide to support you on remembering who the actual f*ck you truly are!

While playing with your systems, strategy, mindset, pleasure & purpose. All those helped me to turn on my money intimacy & pleasure within my business and life. Around you, inside you, there’s this incredible energy you can unlock to release a higher version of yourself.

Work with me!

The trick to life is to have the courage to walk down the path that’s lit up in your Heart.

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The Rising Empress podcast

This is the podcast about living life as a purpose-driven entrepreneur and sharing the lessons and milestones it takes to build an Empire.

Finding your path to do business your way, from sharing business experiences and above it all sharing my truth about surrendering into the unknown that is building a business empire.

Find episodes on mindset, money, pricing, life and all things business.

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