Private Coaching with Lucie

Lucie currently offers a private 6 or 12 months coaching container for spiritual & visionary women in business.


6 -12 months (you pick) of Lucie’s highest level support.
3/monthly 45 minutes coaching calls.
M-T Voxer audio and text message support.
2 x wealth & magnetism coding sessions.
All access to Lucie’s courses upcoming and resources.

Lucie’s coaching methodology includes business and leadership coaching, wealth and money energetics, quantum manifestation coaching, embodiment, and intuitive channeling. 

This is for you if:

You’re a coach, healer, leader or creative
You’re 100% ready to invest in yourself and your desires
You’re 100% ready to do the inner work to heal and reprogram your mindset and energy
You’re self accountable, you lead yourself and you’re highly committed to your vision and soul’s desires
You desire to work with a mentor who will hold you to a high standard and remind you of your power everyday 
You are brave enough to ask for what you desire and to trust that you can absolutely have it all 
You know deep in your soul that you’re meant for big things and you were BORN to lead, impact and create abundance beyond your wildest dreams 
You’re ready to scale to a multiple 6 figure business.
You’re ready to be in Lucie’s potent energy and frequency at the highest level 
You’re 100% ready to go ALL IN to rise into your next ascension and beyond

Working with Lucie privately looks like:

Activating 100% full body YES soul guidance and deep TRUST in yourself.
Business foundations for scaling with fun + flow, and rising as a leader.
Quantum money flow + divine abundance
Your multi 6 – 7 figure empire roadmap for major expansion.
Becoming THAT leader + embodying your divine message + mission 
Creating and scaling 100% soul aligned offers + high end programs
Selling, visibility and launching with soul + high energy flow 
Owning your soul message and purpose to speak your divine truth and receive 
Business systems, automation, flow, so you can do less and receive more 
Expanding your team and support 
Receiving more money flow, pleasure and play 
Saying YES to your soul’s turn ON, and tapping into divine femme pleasure + prosperity
Receiving 5 figure + months as your new normal – 20k, 30k and beyond
Expanding your divine impact to enrich the world being YOU
Money Queen mindset, frequency and wealth management
Turning your natural magnetism all the way ON 
Certainty, clarity and 100% soul YES ACTION
Building your personal brand as YOU to attract the most soul YES clients
Raising prices, owning your worth and being fully seen, heard and paid as YOU
Energy healing and reprogramming your mindset and frequency
Embodiment in your divine power and wealth codes
Up-levelling it ALL – the business, bank account, body and life 
Turning ON your queen energy and power in EVERY level of your life
Activating wealth and abundance codes for higher money flow 
Higher vibration, higher self and higher wealth as you go ALL IN on your desires 


Multiple 5 figure investment. Payment plans available.