Latest Podcast Episodes

040 – A Year of Contemplation – The Journey to “Touch by Light”

Spiritual enlightenment, business tips, and personal growth. 0:07 Lucie Al reveals new podcast name and [...]

039 – End of year reflection: Power’ing’, Seer’ing’ & Finance’ing’

On Today's episode: Lucie is talking about the end of year reflection something she doesn't [...]

038 – Going slow & sustainably – Sparkly interview with Anna Cantwell – The Rising Empress Podcast

You are powerful. You are incredible. You are beautiful. You are capable of so much [...]

037 – Tapping into the 5D consciousness – The Rising Empress Podcast

We are all one with the universe, and we are all connected. The 5D consciousness [...]

036 – Unsaid truth about money and power – The Rising Empress Podcast

There’s nothing more powerful than yourself! But what if you don’t have the first clue [...]

035 – Becoming the pioneer – The Rising Empress Podcast

When we are becoming the embodiment of our version of pioneer, we are not only [...]

034 – Healing the sisterhood wound – The Rising Empress Podcast

THE TEMPLE: or DM me on instagram :: @divinelylucie Welcome to your own discovery. [...]

033 – Women of THE TEMPLE – The Rising Empress Podcast

THE TEMPLE: or DM me on instagram :: @divinelylucie Welcome to your own discovery.  [...]

032 – Energetically Spreading your Legs with Amy Towle

Join THE TEMPLE: About the Guest: Amy Towle: Instagram: Amy Towle is [...]

031 – Normalising pleasure – The Rising Empress Podcast

Women deserve an education around their bodies. Women deserve to have a say in their [...]

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