Every day we are faced with the decision to embrace our power and do what we were born to do. Our most remarkable qualities and talents, the things that make us individuals and contribute to society–they’re lost when we stop touching our power.

Rendez-vous focuses on giving your body all the tools it needs to be at its best: a positive attitude and self-regulation, a positive mindset towards life and movement so that we all get out of our own way and thrive. When you start to feel the energy of your body activate, you will notice fluctuations and changes. As you become more daring and open up to these rhythms and impulses, your life can shift dramatically positively, and unexpectedly.

In this episode, I’ll be your guide as we go through a series of movements designed to build strength and increase flexibility; to help you learn how to engage, activate and lift your shame – giving you ownership over the body you have. You will leave this session ready and empowered to own your body.


Join us in RENDEZ-VOUS on August 1st 9.30pm BST – 4.30pm EST


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Coaching Website: Lucieal.com

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