When we are becoming the embodiment of our version of pioneer, we are not only carving out a path for others, but also for ourselves. We create space to live in the moment and be present with what is happening right now. We are creating a space where we can thrive as individuals and as communities.

We can choose to be pioneers in our lives by following our own hearts and taking risks even when it feels scary or uncomfortable. We can find the courage to follow our dreams and live authentically. We can choose to walk away from situations that no longer serve us or hold us back from becoming who we truly want to be. We are making our lives into a manifestation of who we are and what we want to live. We are taking all of the energy that is coming in and using it to manifest the life that we want to live.

In this episode, I talk about how being a pioneer helps us step into our true power by allowing us to make room for ourselves in this world so that we can live authentically and freely without fear of judgment or criticism from others around us who may not understand what it means when someone is willing to walk away from their comfort zone in order for themself.

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