Spiritual enlightenment, business tips, and personal growth. 0:07

Lucie Al reveals new podcast name and focus on spiritual enlightenment and business tips.

Podcasting and energy fields. 2:18

Lucie Al discusses her podcast and the importance of creating an intimate connection with listeners.

She shares her excitement about a recent breakthrough in creating a new offer, “Touch and Tea,” which is a close connection with her and her listeners.

Various offers for personal growth and business development. 4:42

Lucie Al offers various packages, including a 7-month initiation with personalized coaching and somatic work, a private retreat, and monthly psychic readings.

Lucie Al plans to host a small group of women for a personal growth and business retreat, called the “temple,” with a focus on somatic practices, sisterhood, and business guidance.

Conscious business, personal growth, and spirituality. 8:51

Lucie Al discusses conscious business practices and connecting with spirit guides for personal and professional growth.

Spirituality, business, and personal growth. 10:51

Lucie Al shares her personal growth journey through separating from her business to expand her nervous system capacity and hold divine masculine and feminine energies.

Lucie Al shares her thoughts on authenticity in podcasting, explaining that she prefers to record her episodes without editing to keep them as natural and authentic as possible.

Lucie invites listeners to connect with her on Instagram and listen to her new co-hosted with Cilia Antoniou podcast, “Unfiltered Awareness,” which explores consciousness and spirituality.

Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/lucieal/message

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