The EMPIRE planner


My Empire Planner includes all these tools & MORE:

  • Short to longer team goal settings & planning.
  • 6 months undated weekly masterplan & double spread daily planner
  • Connecting to your reasons purpose & higher-self to build your purpose-lead Empire!
  • Review of your months lessons and goals.
  • Index pages to find all your brilliant ideas back.

Building your empire takes vision, planning and… devotion.

How could I help you start finding your vision, getting alignement with your true purpose and starting to manifest your desires?

This is the question I kept asking to myself, after each chat I got with my amazing customers and all my friends in business.

How could I help those beautiful and powerful women to build the empire they deserved in their business?

They were putting blood, sweat and tears in what they believed and yet were asking me for help to understand why this wasn’t enough.

I’ve been in their shoes before them. I knew the feeling of unfairness that can take over the best of you when you feel betrayed by the universe around you.

How did I move from this place? I changed my mindset. Brushed of my former beliefs and connected with myself.

I’ve tried new ways of doing business, I took so many leaps of faith. Some didn’t worked out how I envisioned it, other made me grow exponentially.

Fine tuning what worked for me took me years.

To keep track of my journey, I started journaling.

From these years of journaling, learning, fine tuning my process, I gave birth to this planner.

Literally this is the one I’ve crafted and still using myself today.

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