Embodiment of
Pleasure & Wealth

Starting 14th April 2022

is inviting you to turn on your energy to the present moment and shed light to your shadow with compassion and kink, a multidimensional wealth program and a sisterhood community welcoming you to the realm of the whole-y you! – designed for coaches, healers and soul-led business empress who desire to fire up and let wealth match & wash over them.

Where You alchemise Your Power
& Transmute it to Write A Whole
New Story Where Your Business
Becomes Your Lover And Wealth,
& Power Pour Into your Whole-y-self, Business And Bank Account.

I’m Lucie!

Wealth Business Mentor, Soul Healer, Modern Shaman and Quantum Queen to the Heart-led Goddess & Queens in business. Quantum Queen is one of my signature programs that gives you my exact methodology for healing your money story, unlocking your wealth portals and coding your body and business for major abundance. I’ve created a high 5 figure dollar company and I’m sensually scaling to 6&7 figures – and inside Quantum Queen you get access to my most potent energy.

Enter the Quantum Queen Portal and Remember who the f*ck You Deeply Are!

Become the IN—POWER embodiment of you & let wealth wash all over you!

Queen & Desire Week

Meet with your Higher-Self and let her match your frequency.

Goddess Week

The demand and reception portal.

Lover Week

Play with the energy of rock solid provider.

Dark Knight Week

Shadow and play with the kink of your rooted desires.

Coding Week

Activate your ‘Wealth Codes’ that are already true coded in your body.

Pleasure Week

Turn on and embody the energy of money and abundance.


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one payment of USD555

Life Time Access

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5 payments of USD111

Lifetime Access

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