The EMPIRE planner is not just a planner for a single calendar year. Instead, it is a roadmap for your personal and professional expansion. Allow this planner to expand your empire.

Intention with daily inspired action is the magic to achieving your goals. This planner was designed to take your ideas and bring them to life. 

I have set my highest intention in this planner to help you rise. 

I have designed this planner for the empress who has felt restricted by a society who wanted them confined to small boxes; the empress who wants to be in flow with the divine feminine and masculine energies; the empress who is committed to finding the highest & brightest version of themselves.

I created this planner because there was nothing else out there like it and I knew it was what I needed to raise the frequency of my daily life.

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Claiming your business EMPIRE & BEING Abundant is your birth right!

―Lucie Al

What’s included in the EMPIRE planner:

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This portion was the epicenter of the creation of this planner.


This will assist you to set up desires and intentions on paper so they can come to fruition.


This will help you unload your mind, take notes and keep track of your powerful ideas.


This will help you grow beyond your wildest imagination.


This section was designed to connect all of the dots together.

The EMPIRE planner is for the Empress who:

Has abundant goals. Desires more. Craves to know your highest self. Wants to turn their organised chaos into a structured method that works for you. Has so many ideas with nowhere to draft them. Is ready to raise the vibration of their entire life.

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The trick to life is to have the courage to walk down the path that’s lit up in your Heart.