Lucie’s Bio


Lucie Al is a multi-dimensional guide, Soul Whispering Shaman, and intuitive business mentor. Her journey, which began with empowering photography, has evolved into holistic business & spiritual mentoring, rooted in unlocking inner potential. As an Energy & Soma Healer, Transcendental Tutoress & Channel, Lucie guides you to connect with your intuition for the liberation of your truest expression.

She leads with pleasure, mentoring visionary women ready to reclaim their power. In her role as guide, tutoress, and healer, Lucie walks alongside her clients, helping them turn on their uniquely magical blended gifts, and bridge and amplify their connection with their spirit guides.

Lucie is passionate about reminding women of their power to build generations of abundance and liberation by being their authentic selves. Multi-dimensional, mystical, and pragmatic, she encourages women to embrace their light and kink through understanding their womb power.

As a soul & body healer, modern shaman, one consciousness guide-ess, business owner, and mother, Lucie brings women together in the deep understanding that together they can connect with their deeply rooted purpose.

Together with Lucie, clients embark on a transformative journey towards holistic growth.

She is also the host of “Rewilding Empress” (formerly The Rising Empress podcast) where she takes you on a journey of self activation, self-reflection and learned stories of a 9years entrepreneur that have re-created & re-birthed herself many times.

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