018 – The Foreplay chamber of wealth – The Rising Empress Podcast

Find your host Lucie Al online: Coaching Website: Lucieal.com The EMPIRE planner: DivineEmpress.me Let's be [...]

017 – Michelle Hardwick – The common thread between Garlic gloves and trauma – The Rising Empress Podcast

An invitation to the first 5 of our podcast listeners to email me directly on info@releasepeace.ie and [...]

016 – Wealthy Habits to Manifest & Receive More Wealth – The Rising Empress Podcast

I'm sharing wealthy habits that you can use to manifest more wealth into your life [...]

015 – Set yourself as the Expert in your field using your marketing strategically with Alison Desmond – The Rising Empress Podcast

Today we welcome Alison Desmond from desmond consultancy. Set yourself as the Expert in your [...]

014 – From Burnt out to a better workday – Niamh Brady – The Rising Empress Podcast

Niamh Brady is a professional speaker, workshop facilitator and coach, specialising in productivity and wellbeing. [...]

013 – FRENCH – Femme Sauvage stepping into yourself with Stephanie Francois – The Rising Empress Podcast

This episode is in FRENCH. If you wish to follow it with subtitles it is [...]

012 – Setting goals and intentions 2022 – The Rising Empress Podcast

Happy New Year to you! Today's podcast is all about how to shift from New [...]

011 – Your unwritten pact with source – The Rising Empress Podcast

Today learn the 3 keys of manifestations. This new podcast episode, where lucie discuss the [...]

010 – the 5 crucial Team member you need in your team to scale – The Rising Empress

In today's episodes we are talking of the 5 team members you need to add [...]

009 – Become a Wholehearted leader with Dusty Staub – The Rising Empress Podcast

In this episodes we are sharing what it takes to become a wholehearted leader from [...]

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